Central and Eastern European Network for Gender Issues (CEE Gender Network)

The Central and Eastern European Network for Gender Issues (CEE Gender Network) was established in 1994 under the auspices of the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity. Its mission is to promote the empowerment of women and gender equality objectives into mainstream strategies, policies and programs of center-left, progressive and social democratic political parties in CEE transition countries.

The CEE Network is a coalition of women’s organizations and groups from social democratic, leftist, and progressive political parties and civil society organizations, political leaders and activists from CEE. It is a member of PES Women. Partners of the network are: Olof Palme International Center, EFDS PES/PESW, FEPS, FES, LP Westminster Foundation, Center for New Initiatuves CNI (Zagreb), Progresive (Slovenia), Progres (North Macedonia), Center for Modern Skills (Serbia), Foundation for Social Democratic Initiatives - FOSDI (Serbia), Foundation for Left Initiatives (Bosnia and Herzegovina), The EPE (European Partners for the Environment). 

The network's signature activity is the annual Korčula School think tank session. Other activities include: Capacity development (gender mainstreaming in politics – consultations, thematic events, ePrimer on gender equality, advocacy, quarterly Newsletter)

CEE Network for Gender Issues/Centar za nove inicijative - contact information

Iblerov trg 9
10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Website: www.ceegendernetwork.eu
E-mail: info@ceegendernetwork.eu 
Phone: +385.91.332-0585 and +385.98.384-655


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Publications & Reports

CEE Network 25 years - Transforming Politics through a Gender Lens

Think Tank Korčula School 2020 Report

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"Korčula School" think tank

The "Korčula School" has become a recognized regional South Eastern European think tank that focuses on progressive and social democratic policies to promote gender equality.

Initiated in 2012 by the CEE Network for Gender Issues the "Korčula School" is designed to be a unique political, ideological, free thinking space for a substantive and forward-looking exchange of views on critical ideological and political issues on transforming politics to promote gender equality.  

The "Korčula School" brings together women and men political leaders from center left and social democratic parties, experts, political activists, and feminists, especially from South Eastern Europe to discuss gender equality issues.