2003 Working Programme

Wed 1 Jan 2003

Organisation and communication

  1. Two or three meetings of the Steering Committee of which one in Bratislava. This will be combined with a fact-finding mission.
  2. 20 newsflashes
  3. New country updates for the new neighbours of the enlarged EU.

    Regional and international meetings

  4. Ten Years of Forum (with Westminster and other foundations). Meeting with foundations and parties in Slovenia. Organisation Slovenian Kalander Foundation (will also celebrate 10 years anniversary.)

    A booklet on the work of the EFDS (edited by Sigler and Wiersma)
  5. Networking for Democracy, three regional seminars:
  • One seminar in Velenje, Slovenia (connected to the 10 years EFDS celebration), involving the Former Yugoslav countries, Albania, Rumania and Bulgaria.
  • One in St.Petersburg (connected with the St.Petersburg Elections 2003 Festival), involving The Russian Federation, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus.
  • And one in Armenia (connected with a Caucasus Fact Finding mission) involving Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
  1. Roma meeting (on the Plovdiv model in Romania).
  2. Meeting with the Belarus opposition in Latvia connected to Social Democracy in Latvia: a restoration attempt.
  3. The Forum will co-ordinate a training programme in Ukraine aimed at the 2004 presidential elections.
  4. The Forum will initiate discussions with the Romanian PSD on transparency and party reform and renewal.
  5. Special emphasis should be given to Bulgaria and Moldova. There are at the moment no projects scheduled but when extra funds are available we should try to give these two countries more priority.
  6. There are ideas to organise an economic seminar in Belgrade, Serbia. This could be done with the help of the economic working group using the publication Hard Budgets Soft States (published in 2000.)

    Cooperation PES and European Forum
  7. Fact Finding mission to Albania (with the PES)
  8. PES network South East Europe meetings (Skopje and Zagreb).