Albanian parliament approves new government

Mon 12 Sep 2005

Albanian parliament approves new government

On 10 September Albanian Parliament endorsed the new coalition cabinet led by Prime Minister Sali Berisha. The new 14-member government, dominated by Berisha’s Democratic Party (DP), was approved by a vote of 84-53. Berisha’s DP and its allies, the Agrarian Environmentalist Party (AAP), the Republican Party (RP), the Reformed Democratic Party (PDR) and the Union for Human Rights Party (UHRP), control 81 of the 140 seats in the newly-elected parliament.

Berisha reiterated his pledge to fight corruption and crime, reduce poverty and unemployment, strengthen democracy and bring Albania closer to Euro-Atlantic institutions. Members of Berisha’s Democratic Party hold 10 of the ministries, while each of the remaining four has gone to one of his four smaller coalition partners. Deputy prime minister is lawyer Ilir Rusmajli.

The forein ministry: Besnik Mustafaj
The interior ministry: Sokol Olldashi
The transport and telecommunications ministry: Lulzim Basha
The ministry of culture and tourism: Bujar Leskaj
The integration ministry: Arenca Troshani
Minister of Justice: Aldo Bumci
The agriculture ministry: Jemin Gjana
The economy ministry: Genc Ruli
The health ministry: Maksim Cikuli
The finance ministry: Ridvan Bode

The education ministry: Genc Pollo (PDR)
The ministries of environment: AAP’s Lufter Xhuveli
The ministry of social affairs and equal opportunities: Kosta Barka of the UHRP
The defence ministry: RP leader Fatmir Mediu

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