European Socialists congratulate Hungary

Mon 10 Apr 2006

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of the Party of European Socialists, congratulated Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany and Socialist Party Leader Istvan Hiller, on election results that put the Socialist Party and its coalition partners ahead after the first round of voting.

Rasmussen said "Ferenc Gyurcsany has done a very good job in his two years as Prime Minister and deserves a full term to continue his social democratic reforms. If Socialists can form a Government following the second round of voting, Hungary will be able to look forward to steady progress to a more prosperous and fair society as well as a bigger influence in the European Union."

He added "This is the first in a series of elections in central Europe this year. I hope that a Socialist victory in Hungary will be followed by a similar success in the Czech Republic, and new Social Democratic
Governments in Slovakia and Austria."

If Romano Prodi's l'Unione wins the elections in Italy and the Socialists stay in Government in Hungary, 13 out of 25 EU member states will have PES member parties in Government. Currently there are
Socialist, Social Democratic and Labour Prime Ministers in 7 EU countries (Hungary, UK, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic and Lithuania) with a further 5 countries with PES member parties in
coalition Governments (Germany, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg and Cyprus).

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, President of the Party of European Socialists, said "This weekend's elections are crucial for the balance of power in Europe. Social Democrats and Socialists could gain power in a majority of EU countries."

The Hungarian Socialist Party won with 43,21 % of the votes (which means 2 336 709 votes), the second place is taken by FIDESZ with 42.03% of the votes (2 272 983 votes). The other party of the coalition, the Hungarian Liberal Party, gained 6.50% (351 616 votes). The fourth party in the Parliament is the Hungarian Democratic Forum with 5.04% (272 835 votes).

It means 105 mandates for the Socialists, 97 for FIDESZ, 4 for the Liberals, 2 for the Democratic Forum and 4 for the common candidate of the Socialists and the Liberals. The data are published by the National Election Committee after 100% of votes worked up.

Source PES / 9 April 2006