Joint statement of the regional committees of the BSDP (NH) - Belarus

Thu 13 Jan 2005

"On January 10 2005, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus has informed the BSDP NH about its decision, according to which the undertaken earlier by the BSDP NH Minsk regional committee measures for expelling from the party its members V. Malashko, Yu. Markovski and V. Nastyuk, have been declared unlawful. The ministry also appointed a new party's acting chairman--Mr Nistyuk.

The regional committee and the Minsk committee of the BSDP NH would like to make the following statement:

We declare as unlawful the Ministry of Justice's interference in the party's internal affairs. The decision to expel from the party Mr Malashko, Mr Markovski and Mr Nistyk's has been made in accordance to all the required rules and procedures. The fact of a party chairman being appointed by the Ministry of Justice is considered unprecedented even in case of Belarus and should be regarded as infringement of the political parties law and as breaking all the possible civilized norms in relations between the state and the civil society.

We strongly condemn actions taken by Mr Nistyuk, Mr Malashko and Mr Markovski who consider it possible to seek protection of the ruling regime while solving the internal conflicts. Such actions can only be regarded as dissenting not only within the BSDP NH but also within the whole democratic movement in Belarus. We also consider their actions as directed at removal of the BSDP NH from the democratic movement and as a demonstration of their loyalty to the regime.

We express our full support to the legitimately elected chairman of the BSDP NH Mikola Statkevich, who has proven always to follow the social-democratic principles as well as the readiness to defend them in any circumstances. This person has proved to be the real leader of the Social-Democratic movement in Belarus.

We consider the "imitation" of the "party's extraordinary congress" that will be organized by the expelled BSDP NH members as a provocation ordered by the Belarusian regime. We inform that the Central Committee of the Belarusian Social-Democratic Party (Narodnaya Hramada) did not make this decision; the delegates to this congress have not been presented by the regional organizations and they represent only themselves personally.

We consider any attempts to give legitimacy to such events as help to the ruling regime in the process of the democratic movement's liquidation.

Vitebsk regional committee of the BSDP NH, A. Gavrutikov
Gomel regional committee of the BSDP NH, Yu. Zakharenko
Grodno regional committee of the BSDP NH, P. Stanevski
Minsk city committee of the BSDP NH, S. Kulinich
Minsk regional committee of the BSDP NH, V. Mishura
Mogilev regional committee of the BSDP NH, I. Salanovich"

Source: Olga Stuzhinskaya