Milorad Dodik elected Prime Minister Republika Srpska

Thu 2 Mar 2006

Milorad Dodik elected Prime Minister Republika Srpska

The parliament of the Serb entity within Bosnia-Herzegovina on 28 February approved opposition leader Milorad Dodik as prime minister.

Lawmakers also accepted Dodik’s candidates for cabinet posts.

The new prime minister formed his cabinet without members of the nationalist Serb Democratic Party, which has run the Bosnian Serb mini-state, known as Republika Srpska, since it was created during Bosnia’s 1992-95 war.

The parliament passed a no-confidence vote against the Serb Democratic Party-led government in January after the opposition complained that it had failed to pass the 2006 budget.

Source: RFE/RL

The statement of the SNSD international department:

Banja Luka, March 01, 2006

Deputies of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska on 28th of February 2006 elected the new Government of Republic of Srpska with Mr. Milorad Dodik from SNSD as Prime Minister.

This is the second time for Mr. Dodik to become Prime Minister of Republic of Srpska, and this time the situation seems to be never so difficult, because Republic of Srpska, same as whole Bosnia and Herzegovina, is facing difficult changes and reforms, as well as organized crime and corruption.
Nevertheless, Mr. Dodik and SNSD decided to respond to the challenge and to take over Government of Republica Srpska when SDS lost control over it.

In new RS Government there are 5 Ministers from SNSD:
Mr. Stanislav Cadjo, Minister of Internal Affairs
Mr. Aleksandar Dzombic, Minister of Finances
Mr. Milan Jelic, Minister for Economy, Energy and Development
Mr.Nebojsa Radmanovic, Minister for Local Government
and Mr.Ranko Skrbic, Minister of Health.
SNSD also proposed two ministers in new Government, who are not members of SNSD: Mrs. Jasna Brkic for Minister of Economic Relations and Coordination and Mr. Anton Kasipovic for Minister of Education.

Main goals of SNSD and new RS Government are fight against organized crime and corruption, revision of privatization process, full cooperation with Tribunal in Hague, reconstruction and development of economy, building stabile institutions of RS and BiH and helping BiH on its way to European integrations. Social Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina will not have Ministers in new RS Government, although they were offered to have two Ministers. This party refused to accept the offer.

As well as changes in Government, there were changes in National Assembly of RS. SNSD Secretary General, Mr. Igor Radojicic became new President of RS Assembly. Mr. Radojicic said that priority of RS Assembly is to take decisive measures to adjust domestic legislation to legislation of EU, and to open its doors for all citizens of RS.

Here we offer you some very basic information’s about new Prime Minister, Mr. Milorad Dodik and President of National Assembly of RS, Mr.Igor Radojicic.

Milorad Dodik was born in 1959 in Laktasi, where he finished Primary school. Secondary school he finished in Banjaluka, and Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade. From 1986 till 1990 he was Chairman of Executive Board of Laktasi Local Assembly. In the first multiparty elections in BiH in 1990 he was elected in BiH Parliament (List of Alliance of Reform Forces). During the war in BiH he was opposed to SDS in RS National Assembly. After the war he founded Party of Independent Social Democrats and has been its President since. He was deputy in RS Assembly, and in 1998 he was elected, for the first time, for RS Prime Minister. On 5th of February, RS President, Mr.Cavic gave Mr.Dodik the mandate to form new RS Government, what Mr.Dodik did on 28th of February. Mr. Dodik was very successful in his private business until he was elected for the Prime Minister. While being a manager of private company he employed over 170 workers. He is married, father of two, and with his family lives in Laktasi.

Igor Radojicic was born in 1966 in Banjaluka. He finished Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banjaluka where he also gained master degree. Since 1991 he is employed on Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He published 14 science works, and he specialized in area of signal processing in Italy.
He is Secretary General of SNSD since 2003, and deputy in National Assembly of RS. On 28th of February he was elected for President of RS National Assembly. He speaks English and French. Mr. Radojicic is married, father of two, and with his family lives in Banjaluka.