Moldovan Communists win parliamentary majority

Tue 8 Mar 2005

At the parliamentary elections on 6 March the governing Party of Moldovan Communists (PCM) won a parliamentary majority, however it fell short of securing enough seats in parliament to re-elect President Vladimir Voronin.
The PCM won 46.1 percent of the vote, down from the 50 percent they won in 2001. The opposition Democratic Moldova Bloc (BMD) won approximately 28.4 percent. The centre-right Popular Party of Christian Democrats (PPCD), won 9.07 percent of the vote. All three parties who entered parliament are in favour of closer relations with the European Union.
The Social Democratic Party (PSDM), who failed to pass the 6 percent threshold, accused the ruling PCM of fraud shortly after an exit poll was published showing the ruling party leading but falling short of a majority. The exit poll, for the first time held in the country, differed from the official results. It gave the Communists 40 percent, Democratic Moldova 29 percent, and the Christian Democrats 14 percent. Nonetheless, the OSCE election observation mission declared the elections fair and democratic, despite some small irregularities.
The PCM is projected to win 55 or 56 seats in the 101-seat parliament. This means that PCM has won absolutele majority but it still fell short of securiring the 61 seats necessary to elect a new president. The final official result of the vote will be announced by the Central Electoral Commission on 9 March.
The legislature has 45 days to elect a president. If it fails, new parliamentary elections must be held, but not earlier than six months from the last elections. Both opposition parties who enered the new legislature, BMD and PPCD, declared on 7 March that they will not support the candidate-president of the Communist Party. However, changes from these intentions are not excluded. Turnout in the election was 65 percent of Moldova\'s 2.3 million voters.
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