Montenegro Mission Report

Wed 20 Feb 2002

SP GTF, OSCE Presence in Montenegro, National Board of the Women in Politics Project and two most important political women’s NGO’s (Women’s Action and Women’s Forum) are working on the issue of the fairer representation of women in elected and appointed political bodies since February 2000. This work was based on the training of nearly 1000 future women politicians and a serial of four projects promoting women’s human rights. One of these projects was aimed on political empowerment of women followed up by a media campaign and lobbying of male leaders in all parliamentary political parties to give women at least 30% of eligible seats on their party lists for the national elections in 2001.

The main outcomes of this work are:

Ø The percentage of women elected in parliament doubled (it is now at 10%)

Ø A woman was elected for the speaker of the parliament

Ø Djukanovic’s party established its first formal women’s party organization

Ø In the parliament the “Commission for Gender Equality” started to work in 2001

Ø The government started to build a national gender equality body with the support of Italian Donation

Ø Public opinion started to change in favor of better political representation of women

Only one party kept the promise of putting 30% of women on its party list in 2001. This lack of liability of party leaders promises motivated Women’s Action to start its campaign to get quota rule enacted in their electoral legislation.

Aims of the mission

Ø Checking the development and implementation of the Women Can Do It II project in Montenegro

Ø Meeting the chief of Cabinet of Mr. Milo Djukanovic, state President

Ø Taking part in TV discussion with important members of all parliamentarian political parties on the proposal of the enactment of the quota rule in the Montenegro electoral legislation.