Second seminar: women can do it

Tue 18 Feb 2003

In the cooperation between Finish International Solidarity Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Foundation Office in Tallinn, Finish Social Democratic Women, Swedish Social Democratic Women, Modukat Women and the CEE Network For Gender Issues, the first subregional Women Can Do It II training for trainers was organized in Tallinn, February14-16, 2003.

Sixteen women social democratic party organizations leaders, youth organizations leaders, trade union women leaders, women NGO-s leaders from Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, and Slovenia, exchanged their experiences in gender equality work within their organizations and their mutual cooperation on the national level.

They agreed to organize a special training for their social democratic party women organizations or to establish such organizations where they still do not have them. They discussed how to improve their gender equality party programs, how to prioritize gender equality issue in their party electoral promises, how to raise their organizational capacities, how to make more effective measures promoting more equal representation of women in party organs on all levels and on party electoral lists for local and general elections.

They analyzed their cooperation with women activists in trade unions and women NGO-s, and their ability to start nation wide cross cutting gender equality initiatives and campaigns for women human rights.

The seminar ended with two the decisions:

· To renew the efforts for the establishment of the permanent institution for the subregional cooperation of the social democratic women organizations and their allies in the form of the Baltic CEE Network for Gender Issues Office based in Tallinn,

· And to meet in the follow up subregional seminar in Sweden, in August 2003, in order to discuss gender equality aspects of the European enlargement and to prepare a joint strategy of social democratic women for the forthcoming European elections in 2004.