Sister parties Slovakia merge

Fri 7 Jan 2005

The decision made by the SDL (Party of Democratic Left) at the SDL Congress of December 4th to merge into the Party SMER, was confirmed by SMER on December 11th.
The new party thus set up will be called SMER-Social Democracy. The political parties SDSS (social Democratic Party of Slovakia) and the SDA (Social Democratic Alternative) are part of SMER – Social Democracy as well.

Party SMER is a young party, which got registered only in 1999. They aimed to introduce a different style of politics, based on rationality and pragmatic solutions. They wanted to create a space for a new political generation of order, stability and justice in society. This group considered itself a centrist force not belonging to the Left or to the Right of the political spectrum. Now it appears that SMER has chosen sides with help of the other leftist parties in Slovakia.

The SDL is convinced that SMER-Social Democracy will be a worthy successor of SDL.

source: Jan Richter, Secretary General of SDL