Social Democrat Milorad Dodik new RS Prime Minister-designate

Wed 8 Feb 2006

Republika Srpska President Dragan Cavic has named Union of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD) leader Milorad Dodik as the new RS prime minister-designate.

The news came Saturday (4 February) after Cavic completed one week of consultations with political parties in the Bosnian Serb entity. Dodik now has 40 days to present his proposed new government to the legislature. In late January, the previous Serb Democratic Party-led cabinet stepped down after a parliamentary vote of no-confidence initiated by SNSD and backed by minor opposition formations.

Source: Southeast European Times

Dodik, who served as Republika Srpska's prime minister from 1998-2001, must be confirmed by parliament within 40 days. If confirmed, he will replace Pero Bukejlovic, whose government lost a vote of confidence in parliament on 26 January over its economic policy. Considered pro-Western by Balkan observers, Dodik heads the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD). In a joint press conference with Cavic, he said reviewing privatization, fighting organized crime, and economic policy would be his priorities. "I believe that people will feel the difference in this short period that's left before the elections," Dodik said, referring to Bosnia-Herzegovina's general elections scheduled for October.

Source: RFE/RL Newsline