Socialists condemn unfair campaign in Belarus

Thu 16 Feb 2006

Socialist Euro MPs calls on the Government of Belarus to create the necessary conditions for free and democratic presidential elections due to be held in March in a resolution which will be given for approval by the Parliament in Strasbourg this week.

The resolution strongly condemns the Belarus regime's ongoing attacks on the media, members of the opposition, human rights activists and any person who attempts to voice criticism to the President and the regime. It calls on the authorities on Belarus to ensure full transparency of the electoral process, in particular as regards the process of registering candidates, the composition of the electoral commissions and the counting of votes. All state and government bodies should refrain completely from any act that may be considered as harassing candidates, their relatives or their supporters.

The Socialist Group deeply deplores that the European Parliament and the Council of Europe have received no invitation to observe these upcoming presidential elections and calls on the Belarussian government to extend to both institutions an invitation to observe and ensure free and democratic elections as soon as possible.
Meanwhile, Socialists call for a guarantee that all those engaged in the election observation and the recruitment and training for these activities, will be completely free to carry out their work.

The Socialist Group will be monitoring closely the campaign and upcoming election in Belarus and will continue to support the process of democratisation in this country.