Ukraine: SPU ministers remain in position

Tue 13 Sep 2005

Ukraine: SPU ministers remain in position

The SPU, which was part of the on 8 September sacked government, met with the President and it was decided that the three SPU ministers will remain in their positions. Read here the statement of the party.

Dear Comrades,

As you already know the Government was sacked and only yesterday the
President gave more or less clear explanations of the real reasons of
that decision, which was corruption in the Government (Yuschenko claimed
that Tymoshenko was lobbing interests of one oligarchic group and tried
to change owners of one industrial giant). Socialists several times
tried to draw attention to “unhealthy” processes inside the
rightist-liberal coalition of (Yuschenko-Tymoshenko) which disconsider
the ideas of the Orange Revolution.

When liberals, which support Tymoshenko tried to destroy the sugar
industry of Ukraine (by opening our internal market, which could make
tens of thousands jobless) our minister of agriculture expressed his
strong disagreement with such decision and SPU, young socialists
organized several political meetings to support our minister.

Our minister of interior did his best to introduce the rule of law
inside his institution and really serious pressure from the new powers
was put on him when he tried to objective to all sides (former powers
and present powers). The head of the State Property Commission (member
of SPU) during the conflict, which led to the resignation of the
Government showed really independent position notwithstanding the fact
that liberals from the Government lobbing the interests of the new
“orange oligarchs” put serious pressure on her. Even our opponents agree
that the minister of education (SPU member) is one of the best ministers
ever been in the government on this position.

Socialists predicted the forthcoming conflicts inside the
conservative-liberal part of the coalition soon after the revolution and
it happened. Two days after being resigned Tymoshenko gave a
press-conference and made it clear that she will be in opposition to the
Yuschenko block and ( which is even more important ! ) she is open for
cooperation with Block of Regions (Yanukovich block – former
prime-minister). This press-conference finally showed the real face of
Tymoshenko, her policy and ideological basis. According to the site of
her block she is going to establish close relations with European
conservatives and liberals but did decide yet with whom.

Once the Government was resigned SPU leaders have had meetings with the
President and made it clear that in the former Government SPU followed
clear and consecutive policy, didn’t participate in quarrels between
Nasha Ukraina and Tymoshenko’s Blocks, didn’t lobby any business
interests and stand objective position in all the conflicts connected
with re-privatization.

That’s why all the SPU ministers will remain on their positions and SPU
will continue its line in the Government. After the resent events SPU
remained the only political force which didn’t betrayed the ideals of
the Orange Revolution (to change the system and not just the persons in
power and one oligarchs for another).

Kind regards,

Vitaly Shybko
International Secretary SPU

Photo: Minister of Internal Affairs Yurij Lutsenko and party leader Alexandr Moroz on the European Forum Conference in Kiev 18-19 June