Ukrainian government sacked; European Socialists concerned

Mon 12 Sep 2005

Ukrainian government sacked; European Socialists concerned

President Viktor Yushchenko on 8 September dismissed the cabinet of Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko and accepted the previous day's resignation of National Security and Defense Council Secretary Petro Poroshenko. Yushchenko said that his decision to dissolve the government was prompted by constant infighting. The dismissal took place in an atmosphere of allegations of corruption.

Ukraine President Viktor Yuschenko's decision to sack his government prompted concern from the European Parliament's Socialist Group. Group vice-president Jan Marinus Wiersma said: "This is disturbing because the government is new and has a very important reform agenda. This will undoubtedly create complications in relation to the reform agenda. "It will also hamper the pro-European, modernisation agenda and may lead to political instability." He added: "We regret that so quickly after the Orange Revolution we have this political in-fighting which is not in the interest of Ukraine."

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