Update: Good results for Islamic Action Front in Jordan local elections

Sun 20 Aug 2017

Update: Good results for Islamic Action Front in Jordan local elections

On 16 August the IEC announced the results of municipal and decentralisation elections, after a total of 6,622 men and women competed for 2,444 seats the day before. Jordanians voted for mayors, members of municipal councils as well as governorate council members, which were elected for the first time under the Decentralisation Law.

The Islamist-led National Coalition for Reform (NCR) has yet to announce a detailed list of its winners and ticket partners, but has already celebrated a “landslide victory”.

The coalition’s leader, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), has initially announced that its candidates won 25 seats in governorate councils (out of 48). As for the municipal elections, IAF won three mayor seats out of six seats they competed for. The NCR won five seats in Greater Amman municipality council out of 12 candidates, and 41 out of 88 seats in municipal and sub-district councils.

In addition, three non-IAF members of the NCR coalition won mayorship. Overall, the Islamists claimed 76 wins out of 154 nominations, including 11 women.  

The IAF attributed its victory to their tactics of building a strategic partnership with “national and tribal social powers to expand the base of participation.” Member of the IAF’s Executive Bureau and chairman of the party’s elections committee, Murad Adayle, confirms this. “The IAF formed alliances with tribal, academic and national figures to attract the participation of all social spectra, which indicates that IAF does not want to be alone in the scene.”